I'm a young woman living in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Over my life I've dealt with various minor chronic health issues like allergies and IBS, which have become progressively worse over time. In a quest for holistic health and wellness I am on a road to fully embrace a crunchy lifestyle and all that entails. From just eating real food (and trying to decipher whatever that means) to natural fertility (because I may be single now, but I definitely want kids when the right guy comes along), reducing toxins (and trying to decipher what that means too) and trying to live more sustainably and simply.

To that end I have come up with a "Crunchy To-Do List" to help speed me on my way. These ideas are culled from other crunchy bloggers of various sorts. My goal is to try each task out for myself and report back on how they worked (or failed to work) for me. In between knocking off items on my "Crunchy To-Do List" I will be sharing recipes, book reviews and my stumbles along the way.

Join me on my journey as I learn How To Be Crunchy!

The How To Be Crunchy Checklist

Food - Just Eat Real Food
  • Eat fermented foods
  • Eat real fats
  • Try offal (organ meats)
  • Make and eat bone broth and stock
  • Try raw milk
  • Try supplemental foods like cod liver oil and gelatin
  • Drink water without fluoride in it
  • Try a cleanse (or 2)
  • Do a Whole 30
  • Cut out white sugar
  • Cut out all added sugars
Hygiene & Health
  • Try oil cleansing 
  • Try oil pulling
  • Try dry brushing
  • Make and use my own deodorant
  • Visit a naturopath
  • Visit a holistic dentist
  • Visit a chiropractor
  • Try the "no-poo" method
  • Get rid of synthetic lotions and potions
  • Try essential oils
  • Try herbs and tinctures
  • Try a cleanse
  • Try the Fertility Awareness Method
  • Try a menstrual cup
  • Get rid of harsh chemical based cleaners
  • Make my own cleaners using natural ingredients
  • Try soap nuts
  • Try organic cotton bed sheets
  • Get a Berkey filter for tap water
  • Try a salt lamp
  • Acquire air purifying house plants
  • Acquire better quality pots and pans
  • Plant a garden
  • Read "crunchy" books
  • Try grounding
  • Try yoga
  • Try pilates
  • Go for hikes
  • Go camping
  • Try amber glasses to block blue light at night

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